Fixed Forever! Our website for Business Customers


J&B Technologies has been helping St. Louis customers of all kinds with computer repairs and sales for over 25 years. While we are always committed to individuals and mom and pops, we also provide computer and network solutions for area businesses.

So much so that we had to create another website for them:

At Fixed Forever, J&B Technologies serves as your company’s virtual IT Department.

What does an outsourced IT company do?

Our business customers typically have 5 - 50 workstations. J&B Tech provides them with cohesive software, hardware, and network solutions so that things always run smoothly.

If your network goes down… your business goes down. We understand this and we with you to understand your true needs to make sure you are Fixed Forever!

Our small business offerings include:

  • Managed Services - proactive preventative support!
  • Business Continuity Planning - seamless data backup and disaster planning.
  • Computer Repair - desktops, laptop, servers, peripherals… everything!
  • IT Consulting - including security, office moves, on demand… whatever you need!
  • Virtualization - get better performance with less hardware.
  • Email and Spam Protection - protect your business from the ever-increasing online attacks.
  • Hardware as a Service - Infrastructure and warranty support.
  • Hosted Support - we can host your apps for you.
  • Flat Rate IT Services - offload your risk!
  • 24/7/365 Help Desk Support - J&B Tech never lets you down.
  • Managed Cloud Services - we also provide hybrid cloud backups and storage as

Please visit us at fixedforever.comto learn more about our business services!