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We provide prompt, professional PC repair services for residents and businesses in the St. Louis Metro area



It’s not dead until we say it’s dead!

J&B’s technicians have over 20 years of experience handling virtually every type of computer problem imaginable. Whether it’s a noisy hard drive, a broken mainboard, or the blue screen of death, we can quickly diagnose and resolve your issue in no time. So don’t give up on your seemingly dead device just yet -- bring it in for a thorough checkup and we’ll do our best to restore it back to working order!

St. Louis Computer Repair Services

Our technicians provide in-house and on-site repair for all brands and models. We fix laptops | gaming PC’s | any and all computer repair | smartphone and tablet screens | scanners and printers | routers and modems | servers | and more!

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Laptop Repair Services - Maryland Heights

Need new hardware or IT equipment?

J&B offers an extensive line of brand-new and refurbished computers, laptops, printers, and peripherals, all at great prices. We can also build a PC to your specifications using the highest quality parts.


IT Equipment - Maryland Heights

A five-star experience

Glowing reviews from our happy customers

If you're looking for an IT guy, then get your motherboard down to J&B Technologies. These guys will fix you up. I have used them over the years for installations and repairs. Their turnaround time is good, and the price is fair. Although I have never purchased equipment from their store, I have noticed that what they have on display is souped-up and ready to get you moving.

Two-and-a-half years ago, my wife and I decided to build a home PC rather than buy a computer from a big-box retailer with all that junk preloaded onto it. J&B did a wonderful job helping us decide what would fit our computing needs, and built us a much faster, stronger, and more reliable computer than what we would have been able to afford elsewhere. We also loved how easy it was to work with the team - very friendly people!

We decided to call J&B Technologies after our previous IT company was not solving the problem. They immediately jumped in, diagnosed our server problem, and gave us a plan to really fix the issue instead of band-aiding. I would highly recommend J&B to anyone looking for a reliable IT company, as they take the time get to the root of the problem and then solve the issue with expertise.


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